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Richard Gardzina: Guestbook


February 20, 2018

WOW DUDE!!!! You truly are gifted:) Every sound, every beat, holds so much energy. What you compose, is not just's something that when I listen to it, I travel into a different world of creativity. A place where not only you listen, but a place where you are free to feel or imagine anything you want. Keep moving forward and never give up your dream!!!

Richard Gardzina

December 26, 2017

Thank you all ... I stopped having comments available a few years back because of suspicious comments from suspicious sources ... I just now re read your comments and was touched beyond expectations ... the depth of your memories has shown me what extrodanary, beautiful company I was fortunate to have on this once in a lifetime journey we call "life" I am blessed and to this day never have understood why ... I've have made the same deliberate choices as anyone else (messed up) and yet remain ever so thankful for all my experiences ... this is passing all too fast ... love to you all


March 8, 2015

Music = you Richard.....always, all ways a treasured speaks to all mankind, and it's superiors as one; as it should be.Camunicates what can be heard no other way. Moves each unique heart with understanding. A giving, powerful vibration. Thankfully, those blessed with musical ability, MUST express it ! Delightfully, Dance on....Thank YOU, alive forever in my heart...

Jim Henson

June 8, 2014

Every once in a while there is a blast from the past on the internet.

We only worked together a few times back in Dallas in the early 60's. Maybe with Russ Gary or Sammy Incardona or some other territory band. I usually played bari.

Talents like you convinced me to switch to Engineering.

Anyway, I married Sammy Incardona's daughter (and singer) Annita and we have grown daughters and a granddaugter in the NYC area.

Nita made a demo record with Jay Pruitt (Talk's Around) which is, strangely enough, often on EBAY. If you have a contact for him it would be appreciated.

Of that crowd, while you were at North Texas, I only correspond with Dick Vanderburg (Tpt). He is aa simi-retired Architect in Florida.


Jim Henson

Kelly Ann Roberts

February 27, 2012

Love the music! You used to teach me sax years back! Look forward to hearing you live :)

John Demarkis

September 26, 2011

Nice web site Richard

Ralph Marshall

May 6, 2011

I just discovered your web site and loved the music. I'm an old student of yours from New London.
Really nice sounds, thanks

Charlene Elaine Martin

December 16, 2010


Cameron D

October 9, 2010

I did not know you had a website! It looks great. I hope you are doing well.

Gordon Hand

May 16, 2010


Bob Samborski

April 29, 2010

Hi, Richard. I have fond memories of you and I sitting in at the Recovery Room with Marchel's band, and many other times and musical adventures together!

Matt Hogan

February 12, 2010

So good to see you with a website and everything... hope to hear from you soon!

Brian Pfitzer

July 8, 2009

Richard, nice to catch up with you at the Racquet Club here in Concord, NH, city in a coma. I feel like I just got out of a coma. My internet has been down because I became uninstalled from and by AOL 3 months ago and just now, today(!!!!) am hooked back up. I was going thru my favorites and decided to look up Priscilla Herdman's website and thought of you. You and I both know that I took photo of you at 1st nite event at the Tech here in Concord way back then before they discontinued in Concord due to bomb threat. I believe you were playing the hauntingly beautiful "Desert Ice" as you proceeded to stage before Dance lab entertained. I was one of last people to be allowed into performance, my camera lens was fogged up due to the divergence of temps from outside cold to inside warm and humid conditions. I sort of remember not being aware of paying any particular attention to detail as far as camera settings, focus, auto or manual, etc., and the result is the photo you chose for "Play This". Which I have somehow managed to lose. So, before the whole world which clicks on Guestbook on your wonderful website, I am hereby reminding you to put a bug in the person's ear who has a whole bunch of said CDs somewhere in Boston or NYC. Hope you can swing it. Sorry, no pun intended. And I will see you at Hermano's sometime to pick up a fresh copy of "Play This". It was cool seeing your youthful pics in "Photos".
Love everything you do. Thanks for inspiring me to pick up the sax again after years, a decade ago. Wish I had kept at it. Glad you have!!!
Brian Pfitzer


April 9, 2009

Hello to all ! Great site. I am new here greetings to all from Poland.


March 7, 2009

Hello to all ! Greetings From Poland. very Good Page !

Alex Campoli

February 15, 2009

Nice stuff Richard, enjoy your music and style.

tim p

January 18, 2009

hey richard, thanks a bunch for the kind words about my song "thirsty man" it's always good to hear nice reviews. you crankin out some good music here as well. very easy on the ears. thanks again. tim

John Hart

December 10, 2008

absolutely great to play with you this past summer with Casual Labor.
I hope we can get together for a few more dates again soon, great website by the way! Keep in touch!
John Hart

Matthew Gunzelmann

October 17, 2008

Hi Richard! You were my fifth grade music teacher at the Hopkinton Independent School! You have tremendous music, and it is very musc enjoyed by a lot of people.

Thom Keith

August 9, 2008

Hey! Site looks good. Nice to see you out here in zeros and ones!

Elizabeth Monsees

July 30, 2008

Hello are you? Looks like you have been busy. Are you still teaching @ NEC...? I have taken some time off from school to get my daughters through now they are both going there now; but was puzzled when I didn't see your name on the professors list. Was considering taking another one of your classes. I had a ball in your World Music class...I learned so much. Hey...could you please tell us..."Who is Maury?"LOL. Anyway hope you are well and I look foreward to talking to you soon. Love, Liz Monsees "

Elizabeth Monsees

July 30, 2008

Hi there...It's been a while. How are you...? Hope you are well. I was considering going back to New England College to take some more of your classes but I didn't see you listed...are you still teaching there...? Your class was a ball and I learned so much you are a great teacher. Looks like you are real busy...haven't finished looking around your site. Hope you are well...Talk to you soon. Love, Liz Ps. Please will you tell us who is Maury...?

michael pellecchia

March 17, 2008

Hi Richard, I spoke with Daddio this a.m. and heard you made a trip to Dallas. Hope it was fun. I still do remember you playing "I can't get started" on bari at Daddio's on Commerce St. in about 1971. Unless it was somebody else. Sorry to hear about Kirby Stewart and Marchel. I'm still over here in Lee and playing when I can. I have a neighbor down the street who knows you-- Paul Verrette. I'll be jamming with him a little tonight.

Wayne Tibbit

January 21, 2008

We all had a fabulous time last Friday when you jammed with Work Release here in Dallas. You inspired the entire group.

I really enjoyed your solos and the sax ensemble groove you built instantly with Keith Williams.

All the best to you!

Wayne Tibbit


December 30, 2007

very good , useful site

George Young

September 28, 2007

PS: Do you have e-mails or addresses for Wilson and Pepe?

Thanks a mill..

Oh..bye the way I remember enjoying the heck out of playing Foxtails. It sounded great especially when Ed Hagen the vibraphone player played it. I feel so lucky to have been able to be around you and the jazz scene in Dallas. It still blows my mind that no one was interested in going to see Red Garland, Fat Head, Ivery and their crowd.

A couple of the guys I had in my band in New Orleans you would love to hear. One is Jon Cowherd on piano. He plays around New York City with Brian Blades. And, John Hebert, a base player who has really gotten big in NYC. Cowherd was really a fine arranger as well. Well, sorry to ramble...


George Young

September 27, 2007

Sept 27
Checked your site and got your message. Thank you for your response. I googled Jay Neel and it looks like he does an extensive amount of composition and music work for commercial and entertainment products. I remember he used to do a Les Paul type act by recording a bunch of tracks and playing a solo gig at the Bagatelle there in that shell building on Greenville near lovers lane. Hey do you ever talk to Wilson or Pepe..Pepe is probably in montana living like a mountain man. It is so good to see that you are doing many people are dying like flies. I was able to get back in touch with michael and mark caldwell who used to play at the easy parlor next to the theater there on greenville and in the old Keese band with me. They are doing well..they reminded me that they worked out the background vocals for BW on My Maria there in the easy parlor before Buckwheat got famous. They tell me Wilson played with them again in the early 80's...When you talk to John Martin again say Hi for me. Ciao


August 23, 2007

LOL --- in my mind we were great --- we lived in Topanga Canyon for 3 years and survived playing music then another 3 or 5 years back in Dallas
But who knows what my mind thinks --- certainly not me.


August 23, 2007

George Young! Good to hear from you
Memories of you loading my Morris Minor onto your truck for a trip to the auto grave. Cool! Gary and John live in Dallas and I keep in touch with them. Jay is not doing well.
If you get this and want more info, I'll check on more often and get back with you. Richard

Billy B Kool

August 19, 2007

LOL....yeah, I knew it was Bobby Blood and it's a true story, too. For some reason, many people on the North Side of Ft. Worth had the Green album and we all had it in our music rotations with King Crimson, Ten Years After, Atomic Rooster, Colosseum, etc. (15 year olds were a bit more 'experimentally diverse' than today's kids who seek group identification rather than new experience) and we all got the album about the same time that Bloodrock broke nationally and we were sure that another great DFW band was on the stairway to the stars.

Is that a Green pic on the banner of this page ?

Gotta ask because I've seen it asked on the internet...RCMPB ????? Personally, I think the last four letters derive from a line in the song...."call me please baby" (or something very similar) and have always assumed that the 'R' was someone's initial, LOL.

Please forgive all the Green questions but two musical heroes, Fripp and Eno, still have to answer questions about their music from those days so I'm sure you know the drill; you want to concentrate on the latest and greatest but the fans only want to hear the old stuff.

Thanks for your time Richard and thanks for a great record that some of us still fondly remember today !

George Young

August 12, 2007

Richard: I hope all is well with you. I saw on-line that the pedal steel player-Tommy Morrell died at the beginning of this year. It got me thinking of the old Dallas I googled you.
Funny...did you know you can get your old Green album at Anyway, I moved out of New Orleans which was my last stop eleven years ago after Laura and I divorced. I'm in Athens,GA..with a great wife and two boys...11 and 13.
If you ever get this way, my home is always open for you..There is a happening music scene here because of the B52's,REM,Widespread Panic and the really fine music school at UGA.

I have often mused as to the fates of Jay Pruitt, Jay Neal, Wilson, Gary Casebeer, and John Martin. Laura apparently lives in Utah and does a little psychiatry.

The music biz sure has changed. Really, far better because of the internet...if it isn't the big labels ripping you off, it's pirating..anyway...

Take care Richard

George Young

Billy B Kool

June 5, 2007

I've got this record I've had since 1969 ( have no idea how I acquired was the 60's, ya know) that I guess I keep ( other than nostalgia ) soley for the reason That I was in Buddies Supermarket on Camp Bowie in Ft. Worth in 1970 with my grandmother who ran into one of her school teacher colleagues who introduced me in turn to her son Bobby. I took one look at him and said " Didn't you play on a record with a band called Green ?", to which he replied with great wit, " So you're the one with the other copy." Needless to say, my Okie grandma was much impressed by such worldliness in a mere 15 -year old slip of a lad.

Know anything about this, Richard ?


February 4, 2007

Professor Gardzina,
I had no idea you play jazz!!! wow!!
It's amazing..!!! Am I going to get a chance to see your performance in class this term? :)