WOW DUDE!!!! You truly are gifted:) Every sound, every beat, holds so much energy. What you compose, is not just's something that when I listen to it, I travel into a different world of creativity. A place where not only you listen, but a place where you are free to feel or imagine anything you want. Keep moving forward and never give up your dream!!!

"Play This sends us moving toward the new millennium - soulfully, joyfully, and spiritually jazzed." Fred Tackett of Little Feat   

"Play This is a remarkable recording with a tight ensemble that performs with refreshing enthusiasm and energy." Alan Chase, Portsmouth Herald

"It's no wonder the CD was titled Play This. It should be...a lot! William A. Huffman, Jam Music Magazine

"Imaginings is a clear and focused album with dramatic arrangements." Tiger Okoshi

"I really enjoyed Imaginings, especially Richard's version of 'Harlem Nocturne.' Richard plays this song in a beautiful low key that reminds you it is a very beautiful song and doesn't need any extra drama. As Dr. John says, it is 'commerciable' and has great radio air play potential." Fred Tackett of Little Feat

"A truly beautiful and inspiring album with something for everyone. Imaginings feeds the mind, the heart, and the soul with memorable compositions that play with each emotion." Gustav