Richard Gardzina

M.A. Music Composition from University of New Hampshire, B.A. Music Composition from University of North Texas, Berklee School of Music.

Woodwinds (flute, alto flute, bass flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, alto sax, tenor sax),

composer, arranger, instrumentalist at award winning Rocking Horse Studio, Pittsfield, N.H.

Three released jazz CDs    Play This, Imaginings and Where Words Do Not Go, featuring 23 original compositions and 5 standards 



Concert halls, outdoor festivals, and shows in Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco and New England featuring fellow musicians David "Fathead" Newman, James Clay, Frank Rosalino, Mark Johnson, Little Feat, Jerry Hahn, Amanda Carr, Christine Fawson, Bob Moses


GREEN ... "is the singing, the song of sunshine filtered through the trees"



Transvisions     for piano, 2 synthesizers, electronic drum kit, sequencer, prepared sounds and jazz trio 

 Transvisions Revisited     for concert flute, alto flute, bass flute and computer generated sounds

Trio     for flute, clarinet and bassoon 

Adagio-Seeking, Arrival-Light, What Nature Reveals     for 4 flutes and 4 cellos 

5 in 3 for 7     for 7 flutes 

5 Random Events     for 11 Flutes and Prepared Sound 

Points of View     for flute and prepared tape 

Desert Ice     for tenor saxophone and prepared tape

all premiered at Contemporary Music Festivals in N.H.


Original children's music commissioned by Today's Fitness and Children's World. Wrote, performed, and recorded over 125 songs for the Moving & Learning Series, published by Human Kinetics,1990-1993. Wrote, performed, and recorded over 50 pieces for Social dance: Steps to Success, published by Human Kinetics, 1992.

Composed works for New Hampshire Theatre Project, Pontine Movement Theater, University of New Hampshire Dance Company, Plymouth State College Contemporary Dance Ensemble, Arthur Hall Dance Company, and New Hampshire Dance Alliance.

Composed, arranged and recorded pieces for NH television and radio.

While at University of North Texas: various works for the One O'clock Lab Band, chamber groups and jazz ensembles, electronic music and musique concrete. Composition for Mixed Ensemble chosen by Gunther Schuller for performance at a student composer's recital and Sound for Orchestra chosen by the Dallas Symphony Orchestra for performance at a two student composers' recitals.



 New England College: Music Appreciation, Music of the 20th Century, History and Development of Jazz, World Music, Ambient and Electronic Music, The Evolution of Rock, Folk and Country.

Community College System of N.H.: Intro to Music, History of Jazz, Blues and Rock. 

Granite State College: Theory, Music Appreciation, History and Development of Jazz, Music of the 20th Century.

Plymouth State College: Theory, Ear Training, Computer Music.